Re: equivalent power in SGML and XML

>I think we should shoot for the following:
> - any existing SGML document can be translated into an EE-ESIS
>equivalent document (i.e. same ESIS, same gross entity structure, but
>there may be more, or fewer, internal entities and references)
> - any existing SGML DTD can be translated into an XML DTD which
>recognizes a set of documents EE-ESIS-equivalent to the original DTD.
> - a document translated from SGML into XML into SGML should be
>EE-ESIS-equivalent to the original; same for one that goes X-S-X.

This sounds like a reasonable goal. We should also be able to build
EE-ESIS based test suites for parsers then too (perhaps have a
parser verification suite and testing framework).