Re: equivalent power in SGML and XML

This was an excellent summary of the types of equivalence between
the documents translated from their original un-XML-fettered SGML
representation to XML and back.  I agree that EE-ESIS is an 
appropriate level.

There is another type of equivalance I think I've heard some posters
in this forum hint at: I don't know what to call it but "identity".
There is some set of SGML documents existing today, which will
need no translation to XML, XML will be defined such that these 
documents already will be valid XML.

Is it a design goal to ensure that some percentage of today's
SGML documents are "grandfathered" in, or is it enough that the
EE-ESIS translation is available?  If it is the former case,
how do we decide which class(es) of documents shall be supported?


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