Re: Mixed content

At 02:02 PM 16/09/96 GMT, Gavin Nicol wrote:
>>Text of p.
>><p>Text of p.</p>
>My understanding is that these would return *different* parse
>results. We could (if it is so desired) make it an application
>convention to strip leading and trailing whitespace.

I agree.  <p>Listen to my heart beat.</p> would *not*, in this cenario, be
the same as 
Listen to my heart beat.

Is this a problem?  It's certainly easy to explain.

With the proper SGML declaration, they will also parse differently in SGML.

The SGML setup makes it easy to set markup apart with whitespace, making
it easily visually distinguishable.  This is good.  The price is that it
becomes difficult for ordinary people to tell when some white space is
actually data.  This is bad.  The trade-off is probably reasonable, but
XML need not choose the same trade-off.

Cheers, Tim Bray
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