Re: (off-topic?)Re: XML character sets: a proposal

On Mon, 16 Sep 1996 06:22:28 -0400 Rick Jelliffe said:
>Also, the round-trip rule and unification makes it impossible to specify
>other variants in the code.  However, when SGML is added, who cares? All
>the extra information can be contained in markup: it is just a matter of
>setting agreed semantics of the markup.

This seems to represent a third requirement for XML's i18n support; is
that a plausible interpretation?  (The first two I see are 1 handling a
suitably large character repertoire, 2 allowing non-Ascii characters in
names.)  Is the requirement met by ensuring XML DTDs have a well-known
method for indicating language (and geographic language variant?) in
content, or will more information be needed than is carried by a LANG
attribute of the sort we know from TEI, from DocBook, or from the HTML
i18n proposals?

>And the issue of user-defined characters is irrelevent unless there is a
>mechanism for accessing their glyphs over the Web.  Until there is, there is
>no point trying to allow for them in XML.

A fourth requirement?  Or should this be outside the scope of XML?

-C. M. Sperberg-McQueen