Re: Empty endtags (Was: short-tag considered unhealthy)

At 03:01 AM 9/15/96 -0400, Arjun Ray wrote:
In any case, as a counterargument, could anyone demonstrate -- without
>resorting to the known empty element problem -- how a GI on an endtag
>actually simplifies parsing? 

Parsing, probably not. Error reporting and recovery? Probably.

GI's in end tags also make Perl hacking easier. For instance, I could do a
search and replace for <FOO>, </FOO> and replace it with <SECTION><FOO>,
</FOO></SECTION> to "wrap" each FOO in a section. Otherwise I have to keep a
stack and write some form of tree-based thing (or work on an ESIS which does
the stack building for me).

 Paul Prescod