Re: XML character sets: the hard-minimalist manifesto

>>We can write an SGML declaration to support 10646/UTF8.  We can also write
>>one to support 10646/UCS2.  Can we get away with having 0xfffe at the front
>>of the file and still be SGML-compliant?

>This is a red herring. I have always said that we should fix the
>document character set to ISO 10646.

I'm not presently taking sides on this issue, but I do want to answer Tim's
question. Yes, you can have 0xfffe at the front of the *file*, but not in an
SGML *entity*. (Remember, an entity needn't be the only thing in its storage
object.) You could also, using the FSI mechanism,  define appropriate XML
encoding attribute(s) that would allow the XML encoding choices (whether two or
many) to be specified for any storage manager. 
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