Re: XML Editors

| In short form, if XML does not enable me to provide a DTD to which all
| parties to a process can contractually obligate themselves to, then
| all the efficient parsing, network transmission, and other programmer
| conveniences are moot.  The recommendations for applying XML to
| intranets will be the same as for HTML: Don't.

I believe that this point has already been addressed in earlier
exchanges that can be found in the archive.  The bottom line is that
we want to be able to ship a DTD along with the instance when the
receiver needs to validate the data (before dropping it into a
database, for example), but we also want the option of omitting the
DTD in cases where the receiver simply needs to display the instance
(for example) and the instance doesn't contain problematic stuff like
EMPTY elements that may require a DTD or a partial DTD to keep the
receiving parser on track.