Re: Marked Sections


>>Marked sections are useful in DTDs (a la HTML and TEI) but it might be valid
>>to ban them within transmitted document instances conforming to XML. (XML
>>should really be for the transmission of version independent documents.
>>RCDATA should have its entities resolved before tranmission and with CDATA
>>should have any embedded markup delimiters replaced by character references.)
>There's been no discussion of this, and early voting results do not show a
>trend.  Marked sections clearly complicate parser construction, and I don't
>think they are useful enough to make up for this and get into XML.
>I think if you need this kind of sophistication, you should use Real SGML.

Are you calling HTML "Real SGML"? Even such simple applications need marked
sections in their DTDs, as does any DTD that changes over time.
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