Re: PIs

Tim Bray wrote:

> Clearly this makes it harder to treat existing SGML documents with PI's as
> XML... which raises an important point: we've been focusing on building
> XML to encourage a flood of *new* documents out of proprietary formats
> into descriptive markup; should we be worried about supporting the existing
> SGML legacy base?  I think not, but it's a valid question.

I don't think we have to directly.  As long as we are 8879-legal, I have 
no problems with filtering mechanisms here.  It is already the common
We can safely say, I believe, that XML was designed to enable efficient 
implementation and use of SGML online.  Mileage depends on terrain.  In
statement, all SGML applications are treated equally.  That is, XML
favor or disfavor HTML, 28001, TEI, on and on.  We cannot go down the
of ensuring backward compatibiity where application-specific features
been introduced.

len bullard