Re: Empty elements (and processing without a DTD)

Here are the proposals I am currently advancing to WG8 to make it possible to
parse (but not validate) an instance without access to the DTD:

1. (Due to Arjun Ray and apparently proposed by others as well): Replace TAGC
with STAGC and ETAGC.

This would allow markup like:

<stag1{ data1 }etag1>

This would be a trivial change to 8879. Pre-revision documents would be treated
as though the TAGC delimiter string were assigned to both STAGC and ETAGC.

2. Empty elements without end-tags, whether declared EMPTY or  not, must be
entered with STAGO and ETAGC, as in:


3. Declared content types (CDATA, etc.) that affect parsing would be an optional
feature (which XML, of course, would not use).
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