Re: PIs

> >PIs don't make sense on a network. Their use should be restricted to the
> >prolog, where they could be useful in setting up the parser (e.g. to
> >identify a relevant SGML declaration). The thought of allowing a processing
> >instruction within a document instance that is going to be displayable by
> >many different plug-ins scares the hell out of me.

This seems strange to me.  If you disallow PI's, people will use
Significant Comments:
<!--@PS beginpage-->
is just as powerful as
<?PS beginpage>

So you might as well retain PIs.

Some HTML systems use PIs today anyway, e.g. for server-side includes,
TeX -> DVI inclusion etc.

See the IETF html-wg archive.

> >is required for many processing instructions. (An alternative may be to
> >allow a character reference to be entered within a PI, but this would make
> >XML incompatible with SGML.)

Not at all.  SGMLdoesn't forbdg <?xxx &3901;> as far as I can tell.
Or does it?