SGML or SGML-like : Was Re: SHORTTAG

Tim Bray wrote:
> The things that are TEI-encoded are already in SGML and
> thus probably aren't crying out for XML - I suspect that following the advent
> of XML, there will be a pretty neat & tidy XML-compliant TEI subset (right,
> Michael and Lou?).
> I think all forms of SHORTTAG complicate parsing, don't add enough, and
> should be dropped in XML.

I don't disagree as yet with shedding these features.  I am uneasy with 
the "use real SGML" defense.  This project has the public face of being 
SGML On The Web, not "SGML-like On The Web".  Is it the intent of the 
participants to invent a different but similar language, or to define a
strict subset of SGML that is efficient for distributed networks?

This issue should be clarified before going further or it will be 
a subtext to all discussions that follow and an issue that will 
greatly complicate selling the solution.

Len Bullard
Lockheed Martin