Common Constructs in XML (Clause 9)

Despite Michael's request that messages be kept to a single subject within
the list I have decided not to bombard you all with one message per point I
want to make, but have tried to cover questions raised by one of the set of
forms in one posting. This set of points relates to dd-1996-0002-f5.html,
which deals with Common Constructs.

9.4 (a)
Why are Bas and Min in the Does not apply column? Surely data entities can
be referenced in any SGML documents, even if subdocuments cannot. The real
question is whether this distinction should be made for XML.

9.4 (b)
SGML does not "forbid" references to undeclared entities - it simply makes
them a reportable error. In what way could XML differ from SGML here?

I would like XML to only allow a REFC to be used to end an entity reference.

A simpler set of delimiter roles will probably be needed if we are to make
parsing easy enough for a new CS batchelor to handle in a week

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