Markup Declarations in XML (Clause 10)

Despite Michael's request that messages be kept to a single subject within
the list I have decided not to bombard you all with one message per point I
want to make, but have tried to cover questions raised by one of the set of
forms in one posting. This set of points relates to dd-1996-0002-f6.html,
which deals with Markup Declarations.

I would personally like to ban system identifiers, making the use of public
identifiers resolvable via a catalog compulsory within XML.

The current restriction of public identifiers to minimal literals that can
only contain alphanumeric characters and a small set of special
(punctuation) characters is becoming archane. It is a definite barrier to
the international acceptability of SGML. XML should allow any ISO 10646
character to be used as an owner identifier or for the public text
description, but not for the other parts of a formal public identifier.

Marked sections are useful in DTDs (a la HTML and TEI) but it might be valid
to ban them within transmitted document instances conforming to XML. (XML
should really be for the transmission of version independent documents.
RCDATA should have its entities resolved before tranmission and with CDATA
should have any embedded markup delimiters replaced by character references.)

10.4.1 (a)
WG8 has recently decided that it will allow boolean operations to be
performed on marked section status keywords! (Don't ask me what this really
implies, I haven't got that far yet!!) We could place a restriction on the
use of TEMP as this is just a mickey mouse version control mechanism.

For reasons stated elsewhere I would like to see SDATA and PI entities
banned from XML.
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