Re: Questions about The Questions

Thanks to Martin for raising some interesting questions.  I look
forward to seeing replies from the rest of the group.  Please respond
to particular points under subject headings that accurately identify
each point in the manner suggested below.

| There are many other questions that need to be asked with respect to
| the other questions we are asked to vote on, but there is no general
| provision for us to attach qualifications or comments to our
| answers. I would suggest that a Comments textarea could usefully be
| added to each question to allow us to qualify our responses where
| appropriate.

That's the purpose of this mailing list.  It's archived by thread on
the W3C site, and mail is available to everyone in the group, whereas
the Web is not.  If you need to qualify your response to an item on
the features list, then you have identified an issue that needs to be
discussed here; please break it out under an appropriate subject line
and start a thread to discuss it.  There should eventually be a
discussion underway for every point in the features list on which
there is not a consensus or near-consensus.


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