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Re: Thoughts on namespaces

From: Christopher R. Maden <crm@eps.inso.com>
Date: Fri, 23 May 1997 17:45:08 GMT
Message-Id: <199705231745.RAA03369@phaser.EBT.COM>
To: w3c-sgml-wg@w3.org
Several people have suggested using CONCUR syntax for namespace
identification.  I'm opposed to this, because CONCUR has well-defined
meaning which is distinct from that of namespace identification.

<p>This is a book about <(tei)person>Edison</(tei)person>.</p>

In this case, when parsing with respect to the TEI DTD, "Edison" is in
a <person> element.  When parsing with respect to any other DTD, it is
merely part of the content of <p>.

<p>This is a book about <tei:person>Edison</tei:person>.</p>

This example has an element called <tei:person> regardless of what DTD
it's parsed with respect to; and indeed, there is only one DTD for
this XML document.  The identification of <tei:person> as having the
semantics of the <person> element from the TEI DTD is moved to the
level of an application convention.

I'm not saying that colons are the way to go - but I think that
overloading CONCUR in a way incompatible with ISO 8879:1986 is *not*
the way to go.

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