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Re: Link-6: Addressing at the sub-element level

From: Weichel Bernhard (K3/EES4) <Bernhard.Weichel@pcm.bosch.de>
Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 05:39:37 +0900
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> Von: 	Tim Bray[SMTP:tbray@textuality.com]
> Gesendet: 	Sonntag, 18. Mai 1997 20:38
> An: 	w3c-sgml-wg@w3.org
> Betreff: 	Link-6: Addressing at the sub-element level
> A lot of people want to support addressing by char count, token
> count, or regexp, within #PCDATA (or [danger, Will Robinson!] mixed)
> content.
> This is obviously a good idea for many applications.  It is also 
> somewhat more difficult than you'd expect in the context of 
> wide Unicode characters.  Opinions are solicited as to whether
> this should be done for V1.0, and if so, which ones should be done,
> and if so, what to do about the internationalization issues.
This item reaches "unstructured land" which makes it hard to use.
Therefore, it could be wise to leave it out from V 1.0 with respect to
the time frame.

Danger comes from mixed contents, as well as from entities. 

*	Mixed contents cannot be ignored for practical reasons (Why
shall the adressing of a ressource be changed if it is surrounded to
achieve another rendering.

	BTW: I played with lark a little bit, and saw, that in WF
documents anything is potentially mixed content (at least whitspace is
passed to the application)

*	Entities my be one special character, text phrases or even
subtrees. How to deal with those, especially in mixed contents.

If it is to include in V1.0 I would suggest only to implement character
(not byte) count and word count which works on the textual contents of
an entire subtree.

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