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Re: PIs in XML

From: Weichel Bernhard (K3/EES4) <Bernhard.Weichel@pcm.bosch.de>
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 08:26:23 +0200
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>Von: 	Murata Makoto[SMTP:murata@apsdc.ksp.fujixerox.co.jp]
>Gesendet: 	Montag, 28. Juli 1997 04:08
>An: 	w3c-xml-sig@w3.org
>Betreff: 	PIs in XML
>XML introduced the concept of the PI (Processing Instruction) target.
>However, I cannot find any description about how to handle the PI
>targets in the specification documentation.  Therefore, II would like
>to ask you the following questions:

I am posting my opinion based on
*	it shuld be simple
*	there should be (almost) no exception

>1. Are applications able to receive the XML declarations?
>	An XML declaration is syntactically a PI whose target is 
>'XML'; is such a declaration passed to an application?  I can think 
>of three possible cases. Which of them is correct?
>(a) An application cannot receive any XML declarations.  The XML
>   declarations are just for XML processors and not for applications.

This is an exception - I would not take it

>(b) An application can receive the XML declarations by requesting
>   them to the XML processor.

It is complicated - I would not take it
>(c) An application always receives the XML declarations.

Thats it. An application receives all PIs.
>2. Is an application able to request a specific type of the PIs?
>	For example, suppose that an application needs the PIs whose
>target is 'FOO'.  Can the application indicate the required type to
>the XML processor?

This depends on the processing model of the application.
It should not be part of XML-LANG.
>3. Which portion of PI is passed to an application?
>	Will all the character data between '<?' and '?>' be passed to
>an application, or does an XML processor select or modify the data?
>Eespecially, will the target name be passed to the application?

It is also an implementation detail. But XML-LANG says
that there is a PI target. So Pis can be passed to an 
application as "pi-Nodes" having a Generic Identifier 
(which is thie PI target) and "#pcdata" which is the "char*"
in production 18.

>4. Are the PI targets (names) case-sensitive?

Case sensitivity was discussed recently in the context of IDs.
As far as I remember IDs are case sensitive. XML-LANG says nothing
about Names being not case sensitive. So I think PI targets 
should be case sensitive also. .

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