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URN trial (forward)

From: Terry Allen <tallen@sonic.net>
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Subject: [URN] Announcement of a test URN namespace/resolver
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[Oops, forgot to do this either Thursday or Friday, so here it is now...]

I introduced in Memphis (and am now announcing here) the availability of a test URN namespace.

The namespace is "ietf" and the resolver can handle URNs that name rfc, std, and fyi documents.
The resolver is based on using HTTP and supports the following resolution "commands": N2C, N2L, N2Ls,
N2R, N2Rs, and (after the URN meeting for those who have read the minutes) N2Ns.

For more information on the syntax and how to connect to the resolver, see

A note of information: dsm0.ds.internic.net is our test server, so it will not exhibit the availability characteristics
of our other servers.  Apologies in advance, and please be patient if the server is unavailable.

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