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Re: (Repeat) Decision: C.4 (Predefined entities)

From: <lee@sq.com>
Date: Sat, 9 Nov 96 21:48:56 EST
Message-Id: <9611100248.AA28608@sqrex.sq.com>
To: bosak@atlantic-83.Eng.Sun.COM, w3c-sgml-wg@w3.org
> (b) Users will be able to override the predefined entities.

If it is possible to declare entities in XML, it would be unfortunate
if my file did
    <!Entity prod "SoftQuad HoTMetaL Pro 3.0">
and an SGML browser showed &prod; as I expect, but
the XML browser showed a Greek capital letter PI instead (the mathemtical
PROD symbol referred to by the prod entity).

I also have a file with a list of night clubs formatted as a list,

So I don't think this is a good idea.  If you can define any entitiy,
you should be able to change them all.  If you can't define them.
and will never be able to, it's not an issue.

If you want to represent predefined entities, either do it in a way
that is less likely to conflict, or stick to the accented chracters
in iso8859-1.

For example, using a prefix of sym for symbol and char for a character,
one would have 
and so on.  If the SDATA entities here are intended to represent glyphs
rather than characters (which is wht I suspect) then
isn't too bad.


Here is the list, sorted and put into columns for convenient perusal:
> Aacute   ccedil   eta      infin    ne       Ouml     sdot     uacute
> aacute   Cedilla  ETH      int      Ngr      ouml     sect     uArr
> Acirc    cent     eth      iota     ni       para     sfgr     uarr
> acirc    chi      Euml     iquest   not      part     shy      Ucirc
> acute    clubs    euml     isin     notin    perp     Sigma    ucirc
> AElig    cong     exist    Iuml     nsub     PHgr     sigma    Ugrave
> aelig    copy     fnof     iuml     Ntilde   phis     sim      ugrave
> Agr      cup      forall   kappa    ntilde   phiv     spades   Upsi
> Agrave   curren   frac12   Kgr      nu       Pi       sub      upsi
> agrave   dArr     frac14   KHgr     Oacute   pi       sube     Uuml
> aleph    darr     frac34   Lambda   oacute   piv      sum      uuml
> alpha    degree   Gamma    lambda   Ocirc    plusmn   sup      vprime
> amp      Delta    gamma    lang     ocirc    pound    sup1     weierp
> and      delta    ge       laquo    Ogr      Prime    sup2     Xi
> ang      diams    gt       lArr     ogr      prod     sup3     xi
> ap       die      hArr     larr     Ograve   prop     supe     Yacute
> Aring    divide   harr     le       ograve   Psi      szlig    yacute
> aring    Eacute   hearts   lowast   Omega    psi      tau      yen
> Atilde   eacute   hellip   loz      omega    quot     Tgr      yuml
> atilde   Ecirc    Iacute   lt       oplus    radic    there4   zeta
> Auml     ecirc    iacute   macron   or       rang     Theta    Zgr
> auml     EEgr     Icirc    Mgr      ordf     raquo    thetas   
> beta     Egr      icirc    micro    ordm     rArr     thetav   
> Bgr      Egrave   iexcl    middot   Oslash   rarr     THORN    
> brvbar   egrave   Igr      minus    oslash   real     thorn    
> bull     empty    Igrave   mu       Otilde   reg      times    
> cap      epsi     igrave   nabla    otilde   Rgr      trade    
> Ccedil   equiv    image    nbsp     otimes   rho      Uacute   

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