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Fwd: New DAML program software web site

From: Pat Hayes <phayes@ihmc.us>
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 17:45:58 -0600
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Any possible relevance to endorsements, announcements, things like that??


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>Subject: New DAML program software web site
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>To the DAML Community:
>At the October DAML PI meeting in Florida, I spoke about my 
>commitment to open source software, and to upgrading the current 
>daml.org web site at which our software is made available to the 
>world.  The initial fruits of this project are now available at a 
>new web site, Semantic Web Central, 
><<http://www.semwebcentral.org>http://www.semwebcentral.org>.  This 
>web site will not replace the current program-specific daml.org 
>website, but it will complement daml.org by providing a 
>professional, easy-to-use, and richly detailed open source site, 
>with all the bells and whistles demanded by modern software 
>engineering practice.  SemWebCentral is designed to live on after 
>the DAML program funding ends, and continue on as a dedicated 
>resource for the semantic web community.  Some goals:
>1.  SemWebCentral will provide information, training and support 
>aimed at evolution, adoption and transition of emerging Semantic Web 
>practices and standards. 
>2.  SemWebCentral will serve Semantic Web researchers and developers 
>by providing host support for their projects, as well as useful 
>tools, applications, and code examples. 
>3.  Finally, unlike many other open source sites, SemWebCentral will 
>specifically support interested nondevelopers -- people who are not 
>concerned with code details, but just want to start downloading 
>tools and stringing them together to try out the semantic web.
>SemWebCentral is here to support you!  Please visit the site and 
>have a look around, and consider hosting your current semantic web 
>projects on SemWebCentral.  We welcome feedback on the current site 
>content, as well as recommendations on what we could do to improve 
>its utility.  This is version 1 of the website, and I hope to see 
>many subsequent versions as the site evolves to meet the needs of 
>real users. 
>Dr. Mark Greaves
>3701 N. Fairfax Drive
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