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Re: Next telecon agenda: proposals for RDF Concepts

From: Jeremy Carroll <jjc@hpl.hp.com>
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 23:29:33 +0300
To: w3c-rdfcore-wg@w3.org
Message-Id: <200304082329.33968.jjc@hpl.hp.com>

Hi Graham,

I am going to reply in more detail to the referenced messages, but thought it 
worth highlighting a difference in how to account for the changes.

At least some of the time I feel that you have made a bigger change than is 
necessary for the issue you claim. While this does not been the change is 
wrong I find it clearer to identify it as an editorial change, possibly 
without an issue or issue resolution motivating it.

This makes it clearer that *some* motivation is needed, particularly for the 
larger changes in this category.

Having worked through the document, and its diff with the LC text I see the 
proposed changes as follows - I put a smiley :) or a :( to indicate my 
general sense of those changes

pfps-16 "RDF's Expressive Power"
Strike sentence:
"The expressive power of RDF corresponds to the existential-conjunctive (EC) 
subset of first order logic [Sowa]. "

pfps-22 reserved names in abstract syntax:
Last three paras of new section 4

pfps-23 sanctioned by?:
[and may not be used for any purpose not sanctioned [by] the ]
[and should not be used in ways not supported by the RDF specifications]

pfps-14 Social Meaning:
- delete section 4
- consequential changes to:
  abstract, 1.1, 2.2.8 (and hence to list at top of 2.2)
- renumbered 3.7 to 4. based on least challenge and balance
??delete in 3.3:
"The defining authority of a URI which identifies a datatype is responsible 
for specifying the datatype's lexical space, value space and datatype 

williams-01 What is a node in an RDF graph?:
  3.1 reworked in light of this comment
jjc to suggest further changes :(

RDF fragment text, and revision:
in section 7, in response to editorial LC comments
(jjc still to read)

Editorial 2.2.6 anyone can say anything
- reworked. Title changed.
- motivation??

Editorial 2.2.7 Arbitrary Expression of Simple Facts
- Delete whole section. (and also bullet in list at top of 2.2)

Editorial - minor
  repolished list at top of 2.2   :)
  s/model thoery/Semantics/ in 2.2.1 :)
  in list at top of 3. 
   "Information as representation of simple facts" =>
   "Expression of simple facts" :)
  case of first letters of words in headings :(

Editorial - typos
  heading of 2.2.5 :)
  in links in acknowledgements :)

Editorial 3.7/4
 minor wording changes to use the term "namespace name" :)
?? should we change "URIs" to "URI references" in this section
 the note should go now :)

Editorial - retouching 3.2
  3.2 retouched in light of williams-01
jjc to critique property :(

Editorial - rework of 3.5
RDF provides a framework to make information about resources readily 
for automated processing. It is domain neutral, so a broad range of 
can be expressed, and arbitrarily diverse kinds of information may be combined 
in a single RDF graph.
]] :(
s/object/resource/ :)
deleted copy of figure 5 from the primer :(

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