Appendix A: RDF Core WG Issues affecting RDF/XML Syntax (Non-Normative)


What triples are generated for nested description elements with bagIDs?

Action: Nested description elements with bagIDs generate the same triples as top-level description elements with bagIDs. Specifically triples generated as a result of the parent propertyElt element do not get reified and included in the bag.


Action: ?


Action: ?


processing rdf:aboutEach requires a processing of sub-property relations.

Action: rdf:aboutEach is a purely syntactic construction with file scope which is resolved with respect to all rdf:_NNN triples generated by whatever syntactic means while processing the file. Hence triples generated from rdf:_NNN property elements, rdf:li property elements, rdf:bagID constructions are considered.

rdf:aboutEach does not apply recursively. The document is ill-formed if during rdf:aboutEach processing rdf:_NNN triples would be constructed that would need to be considered during rdf:aboutEach processing. FIXME: clarify and provide provide test cases.


MUST a parser created bags of reified statements for all Description elements?

Action: No, only those which are explicitly reified using an rdf:ID on a propertyElt or by an rdf:bagID on the description.