A Review of 
"Coordination points between RDF(S) and DAML+OIL"


Frank Manola
24 July 2001

Coordination points between RDF(S) and DAML+OIL  is input from the DAML+OIL Joint Committee to the RDF Core working group.  "Coordination points" describes relationships/dependencies between features of RDF(S) and DAML+OIL, and specifically identifies areas of RDF and RDF Schema needing attention to more closely align RDF(S) and DAML+OIL.  This paper is a preliminary review of "Coordination points".  It has not yet been reviewed by the RDF Core working group.
The content of this paper consists of the content of "Coordination points", with additional comments added (set off by Comment: ).

Overall structure:

Comment:  For the most part, the issues raised in "Coordination points" are associated with one or more issues in the RDF Core Issue Tracking document.   However, a number of these issues have not yet received any attention by the WG.  In some cases, I have explicitly cited some of the related  issues (with no guarantee that my citations are exhaustive).  In addition, there are a number of more general issues in our issues list (such as rdf-formal-semantics), dealing with which would probably also deal with  issues raised in "Coordination points".  My own view is that "Coordination points" identifies key issues that RDF Core needs to address, and they should receive very high priority.

What does DAML+OIL depend on from RDF(S)

Comment:  There seems to be no  need for RDF Core to "officially" comment on this section.  The matter of what RDF(S) capabilities DAML+OIL is dependent on is a matter for the DAML+OIL designers.  The approach of building on RDF by assigning a specific interpretation to certain RDF constructs seems to be the intended way that other languages are to be built on RDF.

What does DAML+OIL not use at all

We have chosen to not assign semantics to the following elements of RDF and RDF Schema:

What changes does DAML+OIL require

As indicated in the DAML+OIL reference document and as summarised in a message to the www-rdf-logic mailing list, DAML+OIL takes exception to the intended/inferred semantics of RDF Schema in three places:

What areas are problematic

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