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Re: http://www.w3.org/2000/03/rdf-tracking/#rdfs-transitive-subSubPropery

From: Brian McBride <bwm@hplb.hpl.hp.com>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 13:05:58 +0100
Message-ID: <3B8E2C26.DD7AB8EF@hplb.hpl.hp.com>
To: Jan Grant <Jan.Grant@bristol.ac.uk>
CC: RDFCore Working Group <w3c-rdfcore-wg@w3.org>

However, I've noticed an error.  The original issue was raised, not about
subProperties of subPropertyOf, but of subProperties of subClassOf.

I think we need to bring this one back and specifically deal with the actual
issue raised.

Sorry folks.  My fault.


Jan Grant wrote:
> Just noticed...
> The bit quoted from the counterexample does not act as a counterexample
> to the actual issue (that of subproperties of rdfs:subPropertyOf); the
> text "ancestorOf..." should probably be deleted; let people follow the
> link if interested.
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