sep30/oct1 meeting

The Sep30/Oct1 meeting is drawing nigh.  Susan Hardy at W3C has
obtained meeting space at MIT for us and will be giving me more
details Monday.

The following have indicated that they plan to attend:

Stan Devitt, Maplesoft
Patrick Ion, Math Reviews
Robert Miner, The Geometry Center
Nico Poppelier, Elsevier
Dave Raggett, W3C
Bruce Smith, Wolfram
Neil Soiffer, Wolfram
Bob Sutor, IBM
Ron Whitney, AMS
Lauren Wood, SoftQuad
Ralph Youngen, AMS

Do tell me if you are planning to attend but are not listed above.

I have mentioned a few times that I think at least informal assembly
on Sunday would be valuable.  Please let me know whether (a) you are
amenable to meeting at all on Sunday, and, if so, (b) whether you
would like doing so formally (agenda with business to conduct) or