small samples

One last scripting example for now, then on to other things.


Item 7 / staggered scripts (tensor notation)

TeX:			R^\alpha{}_\beta{}_x{}_{;y}
Wolfram:		R^α%_β%_x%_{;y}
MINSE:			'riemann(?alpha?,?beta?,x,y)
Display-List (S):	<mscripts>
Display-List (MS):	
ISO 12083:		R<sup arrange="stagger">&alpha;</sup>
                         <inf arrange="stagger">&beta;</inf>
                         <inf arrange="stagger">x</inf>
                         <inf arrange="stagger">;y</inf>

1. The ";" prior to the last lower index is to mean covariant
2. The TeX and ISO notations could be compacted since the last
   several indices don't actually alternate up and down.

3. I think the MINSE notation would require a new compound for each
   variant of upper and lower indices, and I've also pulled the covariant
   differentiation indicator inside the compound ("'riemann"). Pulling
   the ";" in could also be accomplished via a macro in the Wolfram
   scheme, but perhaps with the cost of being a more opaque notation.