rendering demo


A very crude demo version of the display list renderer is online at


At the moment, the mdraw applet (embedded in the page listed above) is
passed the URL of a text file containing a display list.  The applet
then renders the display list to the screen.

People can test the rendering of their own display lists by creating a
web page with an embedded mdraw applet and passing the URL to their
own display list file.  Details of doing this are on the web page.

The source code is all online as text files.  There is a link off the
demo page.

This is a very rough demo.  Not all of the display schema are
implemented, and the ones that are implemented use very crude layout
rules.  Feel free to tell me what the correct rules are, as you notice
errors.  Also, if anyone is nuts enough to crawl throught the source
code, I welcome ideas for improvement there too.

Robert Miner (and Adam Rosien, a student programmer who is helping me)