Re: semantics, extensibility

Bruce Smith wrote:
> And I do intend to look at it when I have time.

Good!  I'm glad to hear it, and i hope you do find the time.

> do you distinguish between
> "semantic" macro expansions (which might sensibly be overridden by reader's
> style preferences), and "abbreviation" expansions (which might not)?


> What parts of expanded forms are further expanded? What parts of
> expansion rules themselves are expanded using prior rules?
> When text is copied, is it copied in unexpanded form with applicable
> expansion rules included, and if so, exactly how does this work?
> How do you match sequences of arguments within variable length forms?
> Can a rule match any pattern or just a certain form which "looks like
> an instance of a macro use"?

My answer to most of these questions is simply "it's not that
complicated!".  The basics are described on the site, but there
are also a few things in my head which i haven't put there yet.
I guess i'll summarize my thoughts tomorrow if i have time -- it's
2 am here and i'm too tired to do it right now.