Implementation Question -- accents


Bruce's proposal doesn't deal with accents, math or otherwise.  I
presume a lot of work on ordinary accents has already been done by
other w3c groups.  Does someone know the status of any other efforts?

Regardless of how accents are handled in text, we will probably want
our own methods for math accents.  It seems to me that the standard
ones (tilde, bar, vec, dot, double dot, hat, etc) can be handled by
the current display list machinery with the (moverscript ... ) schema,
provided we introduce a schema like

	(maccent "accent_name")

to serve as the argument, e.g.

		(mi "M")
		(maccent "tilde")


			(mi "SL")
			(mo "(")
			(mn "2")
			(mt ",")
			(mfont "weight: bold"
				(mi "C")
			(mo ")")
		(maccent "tilde")

Does anyone have ideas or suggestions?


P.S. Should the comma in SL(2,C) be in an (mt ...) schema or something else?