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Re: XMLDSIG interop sample signature and resources

From: Donald E. Eastlake 3rd <dee3@torque.pothole.com>
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 11:22:50 -0400
Message-Id: <200007261522.LAA19379@torque.pothole.com>
To: Merlin Hughes <merlin@baltimore.ie>
cc: "IETF/W3C XML-DSig WG" <w3c-ietf-xmldsig@w3.org>

Great, thanks.  I assume you don't mind if I post the binary and an
exploded version on xmldsig.pothole.com.

I don't see any problem with a binary this small (<15K) being posted
to the mailing list but for big binaries, it would be best to make
them available via ftp or the web and post a notice...


From:  Merlin Hughes <merlin@baltimore.ie>
Message-Id:  <200007261420.PAA28308@bobcat.baltimore.ie>
To:  "IETF/W3C XML-DSig WG" <w3c-ietf-xmldsig@w3.org>
Date:  Wed, 26 Jul 2000 15:20:29 +0100

>I have (hopefully) attached a gzipped tarchive containing
>a sample signature based on WD-xmldsig-core-20000711. A
>Readme.txt contains forty words of detail.
>The document is a single enveloped signature which itself
>is enveloping a manifest and signature properties. It
>employs base 64, XPath, XSL and C14N transforms. It uses
>DSA, and includes just the DSA public key value.
>Included are all required resources along with the
>intermediate output of all phases of C14N and XSL
>The XSL transform is encoded as an xsl:stylesheet element
>embedded directly within the Transform element. For
>compatibility, I have also included a separate version
>using a stringified XSLT element.
>Validation of some references requires an XML parser which
>can resolve IDs.
>I apologize for attaching a binary, if that is against
>etiquette, but the associated resources are sufficient
>that attaching all as text would be disturbing.
>Any comments are welcome.
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