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latest editorial draft and potential agenda items

From: Joseph M. Reagle Jr. <reagle@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 17:25:26 -0500
Message-Id: <>
To: "IETF/W3C XML-DSig WG" <w3c-ietf-xmldsig@w3.org>
We've placed an editorial draft (changes not set in stone, but for
discussion) at:


Potential topics of discussion on this weeks con call includes:
1. Boyer's new xpath (included)
2. Karlinger/Reagle URI/IDREF proposal (not included)
3. Section 2 re-org (included)
4. Reagle's 2 sentences on using SignatureProperty to qualify semantics
(posted to list and included)
5. moving the DTD together to an appendix. (not included)

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