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Enveloped signatures

From: Petteri Stenius <Petteri.Stenius@remtec.fi>
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 11:35:26 +0300
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I have a few comments on the discussion in [1] at the Victoria FTF.

I believe enveloped (aka. embedded) signatures will be a very common
scenario of applying XML signatures, and for this reason it should be simple
to support them in implementations. 

XPath transformation is very powerful, but implementing it is awkward and it
may be left out of implementations because it is not mandatory and for
security or other reasons. 

The result of the current XPath transform definition is something that (in
my opionion) cannot easilly be produced without actually fully implementing

A suggestion:

6.6.5 Signature Exclusion


The transform excludes the ancestor Signature element of the DigestValue
element that is being calculated. The intention is to support enveloped
signatures where the DigestValue calculation would overlap with itself.


More references to discussion on this topic:


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