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An Xpath-based Solution

From: John Boyer <jboyer@uwi.com>
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 18:14:00 -0800
To: "DSig Group" <w3c-ietf-xmldsig@w3.org>
The example below will eventually become part of the scenarios document, but
Joseph requested it be posted in today's telecon.

Let's do the complete example of your scenario, which includes the xpath you
asked about above.  You have a SignedInfo that contains an ObjectReference
O_1.  The IDREF of O_1 indicates a Manifest M.  In the Manifest, there will
be an ObjectReference O_2 whose IDREF indicates an element X, where the
character content of X is the base-64 encoded PDF document of interest.  The
transforms T_2 in O_2 include a base-64 transform *after* an Xpath of
"string(text())" (note that child:: is the default so I've taken it out of
the example). The transforms T_1 of ObjectReference O_1 (the one in
SignedInfo) must take as input the Manifest M, and yield as output (M minus
(T_2 + IDREF + Location))-- but only if T_2 is exactly as described above.
T_1 will contain the specific description of the T_2 that can be omitted,
not just a statement saying that all transforms can be thrown out.

<ObjectReference IDREF="M">
<Transforms> <!-- This is T_1 -->
<Transform Algorithm="&xpath;">
	not(self::Location and parent::ObjectReference) and
	not(self::IDREF and parent::ObjectReference) and
	not(self::Transform[@Algorithm="&base64;"]) and
	not(self::Transform[@Algorithm="&xpath;" and text()="string(text())"])

<Manifest Id="M">
<ObjectReference IDREF="X">
<Transforms> <!-- This is T_2 -->
<Transform Algorithm="&xpath;">string(text())</Transform>
<Transform Algorithm="&base64;"/>

<Document Id="X">

As you can see, T_1 refers to all of M except for Location, IDRef and the
two specific transforms in T_2 that you needed to put the PDF document in X
in the first place.  Thus, if you later decide to delete those two
transforms and the IDREF, and instead to add a URL Location, you can do that
without breaking the DigestValue that was computed over (most of) M.

John Boyer
Software Development Manager
UWI.Com -- The Internet Forms Company
Received on Thursday, 16 December 1999 21:16:21 UTC

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