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Latest Canonical XML Version 1.0

From: Joseph M. Reagle Jr. <reagle@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 09 Nov 1999 16:42:11 -0500
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To: "IETF/W3C XML-DSig WG" <w3c-ietf-xmldsig@w3.org>, "XML Syntax WG" <w3c-xml-syntax-wg@w3.org>


   This document describes a subset of the information contained in an
   XML document and a syntax for expressing that subset. This syntax,
   called Canonical XML, is designed to encode the "logical structure" of
   XML documents; two XML documents whose Canonical-XML form is identical
   will be considered equivalent for the purposes of many applications.

Status of this document

   This is a W3C Working Draft for review by W3C members and other
   interested parties. This draft is the internal 19990915 Working Draft
that had
   not yet been published. While the Syntax Working Group has expired and
   deliverables are being transferred to the charter of the forthcoming
   XML Core Working Group, this document did represent the consensus
   position of the W3C XML Syntax Working group, based on its own
   discussions and [17]analysis of feedback on previous versions. The
   Working Group did not expect to introduce any substantial changes to
   the design described here, and intended that it proceed towards
   Recommendation status on that basis. Nonetheless, this a draft
   document and may be updated, replaced, or obsoleted by other documents
   at any time. It is inappropriate to use W3C Working Drafts as
   reference material or to cite them as other than "work in progress." A
   list of current W3C working drafts can be found at

     [17] http://www.w3.org/1999/09/c14n-response-19990908.html
     [18] http://www.w3.org/TR

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