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Signed-XML and White Space?

From: Bugbee, Larry <Larry.Bugbee@PSS.Boeing.com>
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 17:20:24 -0700
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To: 'reagle@w3.org'
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Hi Joseph,

When you sign something you may or may not care about white space (extra spaces, CR/LF, etc.).  For example, you might not care about white space if it is a paragraphs of simple text and your assertion is that those words are yours.  Line breaks are unimportant giving the renderer choices.  So, signing words and their breaks is all that is necessary.   

If, however, the content were a purchase order, spacing is extremely important lest the right numbers appear in the wrong columns.  Here we should sign all the white space and have it preserved upon rendering.

How should we go about this?  Do we care?

Food for thought...

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