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Re: Another requirements question

From: TSG - Meridianus <Todd.Glassey@www.meridianus.com>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 14:25:40 -0700
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To: "Bugbee, Larry" <Larry.Bugbee@PSS.Boeing.com>
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Seems like this would require some form of authenticated GIF or JPEG file.
Here again the watermark or something more than just the "picture" of the
signature would likely be necessary.

If just a picture alone is accepted, then it is likely that some other first
person method of authenticating it will also have to be there as well.


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From: Bugbee, Larry <Larry.Bugbee@PSS.Boeing.com>
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Subject: Another requirements question

> Joseph et al,
> Continuing my earlier post...
>   4. Are there plans to support signatures lesser than "digital"?
>      Some jurisdictions give legal standing to, and differentiate
>      between, digital signatures and electronic signatures.  A
>      digital signature is typically cryptographically strong while
>      an electronic signature may be nothing more than a digitized
>      graphic of a handwritten signature.  No interesting
>      cryptography may be involved and the burden of proof may be
>      on the relying party, but electronic signatures have legal
>      standing.  Will there be a way to programmatically recognize
>      electronic signatures?
> Larry
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