Re: Server-generated version ids

Judy Slein:

>4. Server-generated version ids: Is there a requirement for clients to be
>able to request that the server generate an id for a new version? (

Barbara Bazemore:
> Consider this issue from the client's point of view.  The client asks 
> the server to save a document as a new version.  The server generates 
> a new version id.  The client now wants to reference the new version. 
> How does the client find out what the new version id is?

Perhaps there's a way of rewriting the requirement so that it
focuses on the intent rather than the mechanism:

"A simple client should be able to create new versions and reference
 the new version in a way that is transparent to the way in which 
 version IDs are generated, coded, or parsed. For example, if a client
 saves a document as a new version and the server generates a new
 ID, the client should be given or be able to easily discover the
 version ID of the  newly generated version."