Re: webdav + i18n

> So far, the WEBDAV effort has very much been concerned with producing a
> protocol which avoids natural language bias in its field encodings, and
> this has been a conscious goal in design efforts.  To date, our efforts for
> trying to accomplish this have been to reduce as much as possible any
> protocol elements which have a particular bias towards any natural
> language.
> I look foward to specific feedback from you on how well our proposals can
> be internationalized.

When I have an opportunity I will try to go through the material.

Appart from the traditional I18N aspects (date representation, etc), one
of the main aspects is keeping synchronized all the translations of text.
This falls very much in the spirit of webdav as it is a very distributed
process (texts are translated by different people).  Mechanisms are needed
for warning when one of the linguistic versions is touched, that allows
only the modification of the "source text", that helps with the management
when the "source text" is in different languages (chapter 1 is written by
author A in language X, chapter 2 is written by author B in language Y,