RE: Clarification

>Based on this statements can it also be assumed that an intention
>of WebDAV would be for it to be possible to perform WebDAV methods 
>without new client software, e.g., use an HTML form to acquire 
>information about desired methods and parameters which then feeds into 
>the Web server a request which can be fulfilled?  In other words,
>could the end-user interactive elements of the WebDAV infrastructure be
>centralized at the server, utilizing the Web browser as simply a
>communications channel?  Could I use IE?  Netscape 2.0?  Mosaic?
>Lynx (only kidding).

FWIW, trials with the 32-bit MSIE 3.02 reveal that if you specify a
method other than GET or POST in a form, the method is changed to GET.
This was tested with both Jigsaw 1.0a5 and CERN 3.0 as Web servers.
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