Re: non-HTML resources in webdav spec

>If we have a simple external format for metadata, we can send a
>document and its metadata together using multipart/related.

I like this idea too.

BTW, it seems to me that there is a general consensus on treating
attributes (or metadata) as usual resources.  Right?

But I have questions about this...

1. How to define metadata of metadata?
For example, if you lock the metadata independently, you have to keep 
track of lock status of metadata.  This is an infinite chain....

2. How to maintain the consistency between contents and their metadata?
If we handle independently these two, we always have this problem.
Anyway you need to lock both to modify metadata if you would like to
ensure the consistency.

3. When is it useful to manipulate the metadata independently 
   from contents?
At last, metadata are metadata of something.  

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