RE: Requirements not addressed in Prelim DAV

The source attribute points to the URI of the resource which is the
source of the document. Also, HTTP 1.1 supports partial writes.

If my laptop doesn't die on me I should have a pre-edited copy of the
spec out tomorrow night with the versioning section. I would very much
like to hear how it stacks up.


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>Subject:	Requirements not addressed in Prelim DAV
>I was just checking through the requirements papers to see what has been
>covered so far, and what is missing.  It looks pretty good.
>Aside from Relationships and versioning, which are known gaps, the following
>requirements are not addressed:
>Source retrieval -- Addressed briefly in 2.2 Standard Attributes, but this
>would be easy to miss.  Although this strategy would work, it doesn't seem
>very intuitive to treat source as an attribute.  The source is the resource.
>Partial Write
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