Re: Refering to versions

>There are URL kludges, and there are URL kludges :-)

>We don't need a global URL kludge, especially the sort that says
>"given a URL, here's how to lexically extract the version info."

>We _do_ need the ability for origin servers to say things like
>"resource http://X is version 1.2 of resource http://Y"

Absolutely, there is no need to define a global method for
specifying "the" version in a URL. The URL should carry the 
information but it should be opaque.

It is arguable that a serverr be able to state the lexical 
scheme it employs to form versions "i use fred's version hack",
but I dislike that plan since it opens the door for hardwiring
a simplistic notion of versioning into the Web we will later

Remeber what they did to the Accept: header !