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[Bug 71] Clarify what servers may and may not do with privileges when BIND is used

From: <bugzilla@soe.ucsc.edu>
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 10:37:38 -0800
Message-Id: <200501281837.j0SIbcHY028897@ietf.cse.ucsc.edu>
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------- Additional Comments From julian.reschke@greenbytes.de  2005-01-28 10:37 -------
Just because BIND is the spec we're currently finishing doesn't mean that it's a
good idea to put all possible WebDAV-related clarifications into it.

In this particular case, again, the answer is: this has nothing to do with BIND.
The same question can be asked for MOVE.

That being said: RFC3744 is very clear about the fact that ACLs are defined on
the resource
(<http://greenbytes.de/tech/webdav/rfc3744.html#rfc.section.5.p.2>), and that
servers have some freedom in what they do with namespace operations

I think that's all that currently can be said. If you want to recommend a more
predictable behaviour, I think the right approach is to put that into a separate
spec and to try to get community support for it.

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