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Re: WG Last call for BIND

From: Joe Hildebrand <jhildebrand@jabber.com>
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 23:21:02 -0700
Message-Id: <21CCB5F5-6462-11D9-9BF0-000A959A17A6@jabber.com>
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To: Julian Reschke <julian.reschke@gmx.de>

>> - If you agree with the issue, vote for it on the tracker
> If I disagree, then....?

You voice your disagreement on the list.  It's not an actual vote, it's 
a way to find out if certain issues are just outliers.  My 
understanding of some of the disagreements that have happened in the 
past is that people have had issues, other people have agreed with them 
but not said anything.  I'd say that by definition, an issue that only 
has a single supporter shouldn't hinder rough consensus.  This is 
actually an attempt to weed out those issues more easily.

>> - The issue opener may close the issue, if the vote count is still 0
>> - If the vote count is >0, only a working group chair or person 
>> designated by the chair may close the issue
>> - Issues will be closed when consensus is achieved on the issue being 
>> resolved
> Shouldn't that be "rough consensus"? As far as I can tell, I expect 
> that there'll be issues for which we definitively won't reach 
> consensus, judging from past discussions.

Sorry, I was slightly unclear.  "consensus is achieved" should have 
read something like "when the chairs decide that rough consensus has 
been reached".

>> - Once an issue is closed according to this process, it may not be 
>> reopened
>> - If you still have outstanding issues that were closed, that you 
>> believe are still an issue, reopen the issue, and we will use these 
>> rules to close them
> Nit: that seems to say that an issue may not be re-opened unless 
> somebody feels it needs to :-)

We didn't have process for closing issues until now.  Some of them may 
have been closed without the opener feeling their issue got full 
treatment.  My intent was that only issues that have been closed prior 
to this last call could be re-opened.

>> - Issues that have 0 votes at the end of last call will be closed 
>> automatically
> Are votes from the issue opener counted?

As the 0th vote.  :)

>> The vote count is not a 'majority wins' sort of vote, but hopefully 
>> will allow some of those who want to register concern to be able to 
>> do so in a relatively low-effort way.
> As there doesn't seem to be a way to vote against an issue, this 
> doesn't seem to work.

The word "vote" is perhaps confusing.  It's just a way of registering 
the fact that an issue is important to more than one person.
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