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Re: D:href as a property?

From: Helge Hess <helge.hess@opengroupware.org>
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 16:25:25 +0200
Message-Id: <67A2895A-1223-11D9-8923-000D93C1A604@opengroupware.org>
To: 'Webdav WG' <w3c-dist-auth@w3c.org>

On Sep 29, 2004, at 16:12, Julian Reschke wrote:
> It could be, but as no standards-track spec defines it, and it resides 
> in the DAV: namespace, it's invalid.

Just out of interest: Is it stated somewhere in the spec that DAV: 
namespace'd properties are considered private?
(again, of course this makes sense, but was not aware of this strict 

>> I guess this one is pretty clear, the response/href element is not a 
>> property and therefore doesn't clash with the prop/href XML element.
>> The thing I miss in the spec is a statement that only direct <prop> 
>> children are considered properties in a <response> payload.
> Why would that need to be stated?

Because there doesn't seem to be an explicit explanation what a 
"property" wrt to the spec is. I had several discussions with 
developers which would suggest that "D:href" as used outside the <prop> 
element is also a "property" and I didn't find a proof or exact 
specification in the standard to answer that.
While it is somewhat obvious for me, it doesn't seem to be so for 

> Hope this helps,

Yes, thanks a lot!

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