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FW: Propose some information retrieval protocols for Internet

From: Lisa Dusseault <lisa@xythos.com>
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2003 17:07:34 -0800
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Of DASL interest?


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Subject: Propose some information retrieval protocols for Internet

Propose some information retrieval protocols for Internet.

Now most services of Internet such as E-mail, BBS, and FTP are all based on
public protocol. There is no secret technology in these services. But the
information retrieval service, may be the most important service on
Internet, is still dominated by few search engine companies. This may not
comply with the basic rules of Internet.

Some kernel technology, especially the page ranking algorithms, is the top
secret of search engine companies. There is no any surveillance in this
ranking operation. Some search engines just elevate the ranking score of
some pages for the paying of company customer. Every of us publish the
information on Internet, but search engines administrate what you could know
and what you couldn't reach to a large extent. Someone must pay him money to
place their spam in the first place in the search results of everyone. This
may not be the truth of Internet. Search engines should be a public
mechanism. So there should be some standard protocols to build a real public
opening search system for Internet.

Some work of our research group may be useful for an appropriate information
retrieval protocols for Internet.

Our work belongs to a digital library project. The main purpose of our
project is to build a search system that can integrate all kinds of
information resources on Internet. For this aim, we propose an absolutely
new kind of search system,DRIS (domain resource Integrated system). Its main
point is as follows.

DRIS will build an information retrieval infrastructure for the whole
Internet,but not the finial search engines.

The basic principle of DRIS: in appropriate scope (three levels domain),
applying appropriate information retrieval system, DRIS builds an
appropriate information management frame for the whole Internet.

The basic idea of DRIS: search should be the internal function of Internet
and everyone should have his own search engine.

Related papers
1 Make search become the internal function of Internet.
2 Evolution:Google vs.GRIS. http://arxiv.org/abs/cs.DL/0312024

We have built a testbed for DRIS. I think build a public information
retrieval system is very important for the evolution of Internet.
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