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More detail on the DAV:bindings property...

From: Peter Raymond <Peter.Raymond@merant.com>
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 12:06:56 -0000
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In my earlier e-mail I mentioned that I was unsure about the contents of
the DAV:bindings property.  Here is some more detail about why I think it
is unclear, also find attached some PowerPoint slides which I used to try 
to understand the bindings property.

I guess there are two things in the text that mislead me:

1) Section 13.1 says that the property "contains a complete list of all
   to that resource", but also says it is necessary to select one URI
   for a collection.  It seems to contradict itself, it is not complete
   it only contains one URI mapping for a collection.

2) It also says you should preferably use the mapping in the request-URI of
   BIND request.  But I am unclear as to which BIND request.  It is a
   request which was issued to find the DAV:bindings property, not a BIND
   Perhaps it means the last BIND request for that collection or perhaps it
   the first bind request for the resource in the collection?

So using the example in Figure 1 of the bindings document you have the URI


/coll1/ and /coll2/ are the same collection resource but all these URIs
point to
the same resource (R2).

Imagine you make a PROPFIND request on /coll2/bar, asking for the
property...should you get:


That is a "complete" list of all bindings for resource R2...BUT section 13.1
says you
should pick only one URI for a given collection, so perhaps it should


Because /coll1/ and /coll2/ are the same collection I have picked just one
mapping for that collection...in this case I used the URI mapping from the
PROPFIND request.

Is my understanding of this correct? 


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