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ACL-draft for WebDAV

From: Medha Atré <medha_atre@persistent.co.in>
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 14:09:33 +0530
To: "WebDAV" <w3c-dist-auth@w3c.org>
Message-ID: <CHEFJMCFBFCABNPJONMLMELGCAAA.medha_atre@persistent.co.in>
I am going through the ACL draft for building a compliance test harness for a WebDAV
server. I have some doubts in the same. The draft doesn't mention anything about the
DEPTH of the ACEs granted to a principal on a particular collection-resource.
	User John has been granted DAV:write ACE to a collection /dav/tom/. If /dav/tom/ is
containing 3 children namely /dav/tom/mike/, /dav/tom/johnson/ and /dav/tom/tom.txt,
then what will the access right of John on these three children ? Does privilege on
particular collection mean same privilege on all of its children to DEPTH INFINITY or
the user should be granted ACEs separately on each and every child of the collection

I did not understand the significance of ACL SEMANTICS. What is meant by
DAV:first-match, DAV:all-grant-before-any-deny etc. There isn't any example of XML
request and response given for the same.

Medha Atré
Associate Member of Tech. Staff
Persistent Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Pune, India
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