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FW: Dublin Core metadata supported in Open eBook Draft Specification

From: Jim Whitehead <ejw@ics.uci.edu>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 14:12:32 -0700
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Subject: [Moderator Action] Dublin Core metadata supported in Open eBook
Draft Specification

Hello everyone,

I don't recall seeing anything about this on the list, but the
draft recommendation for the Open Ebook Standard that was
recently released (May 24, 1999) has included Dublin Core
as the metadata standard for ebooks. The recommendation can
be found at:

         URL: http://www.openebook.org/

The Open eBook Initiative has among its supporters Microsoft,
Adobe, Bertelsmann, WarnerBooks, HarperCollins, the
Association of American Publishers, NIST, among large industry

The metadata reference is in section 2 of the standard, added
below for your information.


Draft Open eBook 1.0 Specification
Version 0.9b
May 24, 1999

2.1 Publication Metadata

A metadata element is used to provide cataloging information and other
about the publication as a whole. It contains a Dublin Core metadata record
a dc element, and supplemental OEB-specific metadata in an oeb-metadata

The dc element can contain any number of instances of any Dublin Core
each identified by the field name preceded by the namespace prefix "dc:".
oeb-metadata element can contain any number of instances of meta elements,
precisely analogous to the HTML 4.0 meta element, but applicable to the
as a whole. The same sorts of metadata can also be associated with
individual files of the publication.

Each Dublin Core field is represented in an OEB 1.0 package, by an XML
element whose content is the field's value. Attributes are not used
for Dublin Core information. Because the Dublin Core metadata fields
for Creator and Contributor do not distinguish roles of specific
contributors, such as author, editor, and illustrator, this information
may be added via a role attribute (which is thus not part of the
Dublin Core information).

See Section 2.4 for information on the Dublin Core fields,
and Section 2.5 for information on the specific roles that
may be assigned to contributors.
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